About Us

Unique Facility

Amazing Trainers

Great Atmosphere

At Midwest Health and Fitness, we’re about REAL fitness. Our work hard, results-driven culture was built on a history rooted in weightlifting culture. 

Our motivated and award winning members drive our design and culture. We are proud to help real people, achieve real goals. MHF is known for its commitment to health, strength and fitness. 

The team at MHF is closely connected with our community. From families to local business and public services. Our culture isn’t like those of corporate gyms. When you walk in the door you are here to work. 

Great shape is a passion and we don’t back down from a challenge. We push our bodies to levels that are constantly challenging our limits. 

Joining our gym is joining our team, our family. A team of individuals who are committed to living strong, fit, and healthy lifestyles. We are ready to make sure you go beyond your limits and achieve your full potential. Be the best that you can be.

Our facility ensures that you have everything you need to reach the next level. A higher level of intensity with more group support than other gyms in the area. We are not a spa. Our members are here to sweat and earn real results. 

Serving our community since 2014 and still going strong!

Christopher Spafford

"Always find a way to make yourself better. No matter what you've been through. Remember nothing is given to you. Work hard for everything you earn.”

Jason Janke

"MHF is a home away from home. We have created an environment you can thrive in. You'll fall in love with the place and the people.”